About Us

We at prohrpk.com (Pro-HR Pakistan) are neither the first nor will be the last one to come into the Business World to play our part in providing the best possible assistance with regards to Human Resource Solutions. Our endeavor would be to assist Business Entities in managing their HR processes in a smooth way, with specific inclination towards Talent Sourcing and managing the recruitment process thru smart work.

Our main focus remains onto providing assistance in executive search/headhunting and to sort/sift the innumerable CVs received against a position and create a shortlist thru marked and graded evaluation in accordance with the job requirement and/ or the job description for the position as shared by the client.

Besides, we carry an experience, purely as an initiative at our own level on student’s counseling with a title of SIP (Stepping into Practicality). Over the years of observation we found that students in Pakistan mostly lack the practical knowledge about the harsh and factual realities and handling of the job market. This causes ill effects amongst the fresh graduates when they do not find themselves a job compatible to their qualifications.

Our panel of consultants are seasoned enough to take on any assignment regarding Corporate Governance, Organizational Development, Learning & Development, Compensation & Benefits and HR processes for SMEs.

We have kept an exclusive place for professionals and novices to share their views on any topic that interests them and these will be published at our Blogs Corner after being reviewed and moderated.

Our Vision

To be a Business Partner and corporate ally in facilitating our clients, to find the best talent, help attaining the best HR practices, within the purview of good corporate governance and in compliance to the international standards.