Shortlisting Made Easy

What is it?

Shortlisting is amongst the basic stages of any recruitment process, after the advertisement for any post/position is aired. This involves sifting, sorting, review and evaluation of the applications/CVs submitted by the candidates in order to identify the individuals who most closely meet the selection criteria established for the post/position. This is done primarily to ensure a list of most suited candidates and to reach to an organized and manageable interview schedule for that reduced number of candidates.

Easily said than done, the expense in terms of efforts, manning hours of the staff employed on the process, hassle faced in marking/record keeping, reading each and every line for evaluation closest to the description set for the position is far more than just burdensome.


How we do it?

We do it all for you, you just need to get the CVs on e-mail address provided by us or hand us over the CVs you got as hard or soft copies and we will do the rest and give you the shortlist most compatible to the position profile/Job Description.


Why us?

Based on the position profile/JD, we prepare essential and desirable criterions and you approve them. Applying the approved criterion we score each candidate based on a matrix that suggests a scoring system for different attributes, independently. No biases, assumptions or discriminations in assessing and evaluation and that brings out a merit list from top to bottom which allows you to put a cutoff line at any number as is the requirement. (Suggested is 8 to 10 candidates against one position be shortlisted for initial interviews and from amongst them 3 to 5 candidates for final interviews to cater for the backup candidates).



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