Personality Grooming & Career Development

In today’s world of globalization and highly competitive business world, success is not just about academic accomplishments, technical skills and experience. Your self confidence in expressing your attitude, competence, credibility, professionalism and status together with a good self-esteem and self-image of yourself is extremely vital in getting you that extra edge when it matters most. And this comes only when you know yourself, your core strengths, your critical weaknesses, the inner inclination and the true passion.

After having conducted a reality based survey we found out that most of the students do not know as to what they are best at and where they are critically weak and for the reason, they, instead of following their passion and natural instinct, follow either their close mates or a general trend prevalent in the society, which ultimately, leaves them nowhere but into frustrations, when they opt to enter into the practical life. Whereas, to compete in today’s high merit market, one needs to know how to hit the right target with the right arrow. To help them achieve this proficiency we took an initiative to play our role.

In year 2015, we developed a career counselling program for graduating students of universities, named as S.I.P – Stepping into the Practicality. The program was to make the students aware of their true innerself, market dynamics and how to pitch in for a job in their desired field. We conducted the seminar in quite a number of universities to include, NUST, Fatima Jinnah, APCOMs, SZABIST, School of Economics (QAU), City University Peshawar etc.

After having conducted these seminars it revealed that it is quite late to educate the students who reach the universities, as at this stage steering them away from the professional course they have already taken is pointless, though, it helped them in preparations for a job.

This made us decide to develop a program for the students of grade 8th, O/ A levels as that is the takeoff point for every student and at this point of time, every student must know the natural inclination, core strengths, critical weaknesses and the real passion. Knowing these things will certainly help them in setting their future course of studies and professional career. This program tends educating them further about their social responsibilities, prevalent psycho social ill’s and counter measures thus transforming them into productive members of the society.

This shall be purely an interactive session. In addition, active participation by all participants through a combination of direct instruction, analysis and evaluation of practical case studies, examples and exercises to illustrate application of the standards as well as current and future issues and other “real-life” examples will be encouraged.


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