SIP – Stepping into Practicality

Over a years of experience, we found out that our fresh graduates know nothing or very little about the market reality and trends. They are not being told or they do not care much for how to prepare their resumes, what to mention in the CVs, where and how to apply, how to prepare for job tests and interviews, how to present themselves in interviews and how that effects their job search. Thinking to reduce this gap, in year 2015, we took an initiative to provide career counseling to graduating students from all the disciplines through a specially designed seminar, titled as S.I.P – Stepping into the Practicality.

  • Graduating Students: You will learn about the market realities and how to prepare yourself to face those.
  • Fresh Grads: You will get the insight as to how to prepare yourself to pitch against the market odds.
  • Professionals: You will get to know what the interview is, how to prepare for that and how to present yourself as to get the success in attaining the position you are sweating for.


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