What if fate crosses your passion?

I wanted to be an engineer or a doctor or a pilot or an artist or a soldier or a business manager or so many more, but I could not because my parents wanted me to be something else, I didn’t qualify the requisite tests, I got lesser marks, my best friend at school got admission in a college and I was passionate enough to join my friend and there I could not get the subjects which I wanted to go with, I got sick, my eyesight went week, and so on and so forth. Does that stop the worldly routines? It ends the life? It stops you from doing anything to earn your livelihood?

No! I am doing a thing which I never wanted to and I don’t enjoy doing so because I never had a passion for this but still I have to make my living OR well I didn’t get what I wanted but I am happy with what all I am into. Two approaches; first one keeps you irritated, un-easy, frustrated, tired, cursed and unhappy whereas the second approach keeps you at peace of everything and you carry the feeling as if you are following your passion. Make a choice.

What we need to understand is that everyone of us is destined by the Divine Power to attain a position and we do reach that, what maximum in our hands is to put in the efforts and we cannot change the ultimate destiny, Now this doesn’t mean that we should just quit making efforts and wait for our destiny to reach us. We need to improve upon our beliefs and the faith on That Divine Power, that the Divinity Will, for sure, not lead us towards any harm.

I have been meeting quite a number of students during counseling sessions who cried for not pursuing their passion and quite a number who developed their passion in the field they were presently in. The most important point that needs to be taken care of is that, the earlier you let go your desperation the sooner you will get what you were looking for in actual.

Strengthening beliefs and agreeing to fate is the best possible solution. People do think and say that they make their fate and choose their destiny, they don’t, because they can never but yes they can always work hard and hard work pays at one point or the other, provided it was in a right direction with clarity in heart and mind.

You have got all the reasons to dis-agree and you may put me right on any aspect you feel I went wrong during the course of this write-up. I would love to have your valued views, critiques and suggestion. Stay Blessed, happy, healthy and safe.

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